Laupheimer Ansichtskarten

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Presentation of a great collection of post cards from the city Laupheim, Germany.

laupheimer-ansichtskarten-3 ansichtskarten-ipad-app
Manfred Schwarz spent a lifetime collecting old and antique post cards from his home town, Laupheim, Germany. His son, Dominik Schwarz, asked me to help them to build an online museum.

The site displays the collection of over 800 cards in a unique and clear way. Tags and other meta data allow the visitor to browse through the cards and find similar items.

Most of the cards are equipped with geo location data, to show a map, where the picture of the card was taken. There are also many cards with photos from now (e.g. Laupheim Bezirkskrankenhaus), to show how the city has changed.

A mobile web app provides a map and tours through the city, to explore the history of Laupheim.

There is a lot of love in this non-profit project and I’m proud to be part of it.