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Adobe Kuler updated

Kuler is a great tool for finding matching colors. It’s not the best out there and definitly not the only resource, but it’s quick and simple.

Interesting side fact: so even Adobe (which bought flash some years ago) switched from the flash interface to HTML/JavaScript.

Google Maps update

Well, some of you might have heard of it. Google has updated it’s map service and provides a new interface for their geo data. This is good news, as google seems to have abandoned the use of webGL and turns back to a basic JavaScript version of the maps site.

I’m currently playing around with the closed beta version of google maps and to make it short: I like it. It’s not something completely new – if you’re used to the current interface, you won’t have any problems with the new one. But it’s much cleaner and easier to use.

One quick example: if you’re looking for a hotel near a position of choice, simply go to the location and type in “hotel” in the search field. That’s nothing new, but the updated version does not simply give you a list of all the hotels in the area, but simply highlights all hotels on the map. See the screenshot in this post.

Another detail I like: getting directions is easier. Click on the point you wan’t to go to and than simply on your home location. Google will show you the distance and time even before, the click but will then immediately show you the directions. Google will also take care of the decision if you should drive or walk.


If there is anybody looking for a ambient light solution: there is a kickstarte project still open for about 2 days that looks very promising. I have backed the project for one lightpack and will write a short review as soon as I get mine.

Kickstarter: Lightpack ambient light

Laserpointer sword

Thinking about getting one of these for my next presentations. The only thing to remember is to not highlight one point to much…

Periodic table of elements song

There are many songs to the periodic table of elements. But this one is one of my favorites.


New website!

As a web developer it’s kind of a shame to have an outdated website. But as I tend to treat myself not as the best customer, it took some time to update my personal website. I have switched back to wordpress, which allows me to use a blog again – a long planned feature.

I’m currently still working on the portfolio section and hope to update as many items as possible with a description providing a more detailed view on some selected previous projects.