Smart Herb Garden (Click & Grow)

Just in time for christmas (on the 23rd) the smart herb garden that I backed on kickstarter arrived. The guys from Click & Grow did an awesome job sending out as many gardens before christmas. So one thing up front: congrats, great kickstarter campaign!

The garden is now planted since the 25th and I just want to give a brief review: awesome! It works very well, there are just three small things I would like to give Click & Grow as feedback:

Float indicator problems

Many people on kickstarter reported problem with the float indicator. This tiny pice of styrofoam is used to measure the water level and allows the plants to call for more water. Click & Grow gave some quick instructions on how to fix this (moving the lighter arm in a different position, checking the float indicator orientation), but none of them helped in my case. But there was a very easy fix for me: I pulled out the magnet from the styrofoam just a bit more. When putting the garden back together take care to put the float indicator into the right position, so that it does not get stuck! If the magnet is pulled out too much, you can easily damage the float indicator!


The smart herb garden comes with very little instructions. Only some basic information is printed on the inside of the (great!) packaging. Click & Grow should provide some more instructions on how to add the seedpods, when to remove the lids, etc. Just to be sure, that you’re doing the right thing!


That’s definitely one of the most bothering things: The very strong LEDs start to morse SOS when the garden needs water. This seems like a funny idea, but considering that we planned to place the garden in our window facing the street, I’m quite sure that some people will not think about a plant that calls for help, but (hopefully) will call the police if they see SOS signals morsed from an apartment. If the garden needs water in the middle of the night, it will blink SOS for the whole night – with quite strong LEDs that should be visible over a great distance.

So, to Click & Grow: Please, don’t play around with international emergency signals! For now I think I will disable the float indicator to make sure, that our (to be honest, it’s my Tamara’s) garden won’t signal SOS.